Hey, my name is Rodrigo 📝

I've been working on React/NodeJS-based projects for the past few years, helping small businesses and other creative people materialize their ideas online.

Let's build together 🦾


I got into computers at a young age the Responsive Web Design and JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certifications from FreeCodeCamp.

My work

You can find all my open-source work in my GitHub profile, here I show you the most recent and some personal favorites.


gatsby googleapis poetry react serverless spreadsheets vercel

This is a GraphQL API to generate poems from randomly selected cells on a Google spreadsheet.

completos gatsby hot-dogs mapbox react react-map-gl talca

This is an interactive map showing the top 50 Google results for hot dogs a.k.a "completos" 🌭 in Talca, Chile.

chile gatsby infinite-scroll poetry react react-scrollama

This is a javascript implementation of «Mil versos chilenos», a chilean poetry compilation by Felipe Cussen and Marcela Labraña.

e-commerce firebase firestore gatsby react real-time serverless theme-ui vercel webpay

This is a 🍕 pizza ordering system made with React (Gatsby) and WebPay Plus. A storefront for the clients to place orders and a dashboard to receive live notifications in the kitchen.

gatsby react seed theme-ui

Another project to get started fast, with the technologies I hate the least 🌱

contentful gatsby gatsby-plugin-image react theme-ui

This is the website for maulina.cl 📷🔥 a space dedicated to the visibility and dissemination of the photographic work of women in the Maule Region, Chile.

forms googleapis serverless spreadsheets vercel

An open API to save your forms data to a Google Spreadsheet. Powered by Vercel serverless functions.

Este plugin transforma en nodos de Gatsby todas las opiniones recibidas por un tutor del sitio tusclasesparticulares.cl.

text-to-speech vercel vercel-serverless watson-speech

This is a minimal example of a serverless Text to Speech API using IBM Watson and Vercel.

apollo-server functions geojson graphql mapbox netlify serverless

A serverless GraphQL gateway for Mapbox Datasets API.

express nodejs tesseractjs

This is an example OCR server built with tesseract.js and express.

apollo-server gatsby netlify netlify-functions

This is an easy way to start developing fullstack GraphQL apps with Gatsby and Apollo Server (powered by Netlify functions).